Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lacquer Lust - A Unicorn In Love

Oh my gosh guys I have such a beautiful polish to show you! Oddly enough I feel more confident photographing flashy/unique polishes as opposed to cremes. They do all the work for me and I just pose my fingers and click away. Is that just me? Also, today I'm back to work after a long weekend so may the force be with me when I have this pretty polish on. Good luck to everyone going back into the real world today. Anyway enough with the chat, on to what's really important in life. GLITTER.

As the title says this is Lacquer Lust - A Unicorn in Love. It was recently made known to customers that she will be releasing a unicorn polish every season! I know she has some planned for St. Patrick's and Spring time. I think these polishes are super unique so I'm excited to start collecting these other ones. I got the ball rolling in December with her Christmas edition.

Anyway, my swatch below is four thin coats with top coat. It's fine at three but I wanted more glitter and more VNL cover up. Man oh man does this baby sparkle!! I love that it has red and pink glitters, along with purple (not usually seen in a lot of Valentine's day color schemes).

The close up shows that it also has some white square glitters in this! Oh I love it so much. And don't worry, Jo will be restocking this one 28 Feb 15 as well as her St. Patrick's edition. Grab it will you can because as you can see, this baby is a stunner!

Also my skin looks so weird when the lamp is in the lightbox as opposed to on the outside. I promise you the polish is color accurate though! 

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