Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Pinwheels

Happy New Year! Well, eve still. I was totally uninspired for nail art and I didn't have any firework stamps in my collection, but I still wanted to go with the idea I had in my head of black and holographic polish. It screams festive to me a little louder than black and gold does.

So I decided to go with some pinwheel nails! I started with a black base and then used Color Club Cloud Nine and Over the Moon. This whole thing is stunning in the sunlight.

A more direct shot under my lamp to see the holo :)

I used tape to cut out five triangles and placed them accordingly on my nails. It was surprisingly challenging to get them to equidistant but I think it came out nicely for a first try! The points were a little off centered but that was fixed quickly with a single clear rhinestone. I remembered seeing that idea here on the most perfect blog ever. *bows down* 

What are you wearing on your nails for the occasion? Hopefully it's nice and sparkly. Have a good first start to the year!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Welcome Back + Cosmic Forces

I'm back! Hopefully this time for good. Heller to whoever is reading. I got an awesome new camera for Christmas (Mom is the best) that will be a good incentive to keep me blogging. Bear with me as I get lightning situations figured out. The camera is such a higher quality than I am used to, so I am still playing around with things. But I feel these picture are good enough to share, and I'm all about progress so why not! 

I have a new to me polish to share today. The gorgeous Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces! Took me two attempts to catch this in a Llarowe restock. And it was definitely worth it!

It's a stunning deep purple berry color that leans red, and it's got these amazing small lilac round and hex glitters in it. Most notably are those large holographic circle glitters too! Mmmm those had me sold from day one.

I think what sets this polish apart is that while it's a jelly, it's buildable in 2-3 coats AND still lets all the glitters shine through the layers. Insta buy, right? The polish does remind me of something cosmic. I feel when the light hits certain large glitters it looks like Jupiter or Saturn. But that may be the NyQuil finally hitting in.

What do you think of the new photos? Yay or nay? I hope they look nice on whatever screen you are viewing from. Definite improvement in my eyes and I'm hoping to keep on! Especially with my blog layout. I am such a n00b on graphic design so I'm trying to keep this page eye catching but simple. Excuse all the changes you may see!

Noteworthy: my uncle calls this one Crystal Berry Elegance. Ha! Spot on.