Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Lacquer Ring - Watermarble

Hello! It's been a while I know. School and work commitments got me prayin the days would speed up just a little. But nail art makes me happy and I decided I need to come out of my hole or I'll go crazy. I'm bringing you a water marble thanks to the prompt from The Lacquer Ring ladies! Let's get into it

I started with a base of A-England - Dancing with Nureyev on all my fingers. Oh my gosh I forgot how luxurious these are... I want to buy all of them.

After that I marbled three fingers. I used A-England- Tristam, Dancing with Nureyev, and Enchanted Polish - Disco H20.
I don't really know what design I was going for, I just know I needed to switch it up from my go to marble stripes. And of course they're all super shiny/holographic so the glare is insane. My bad!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to check out everyone else's marbles :)