Thursday, October 31, 2013

Quick post: Halloween Nails!

Hi! Wow. It's been a little too long for posting and I feel like I should have a big fabulous post to welcome myself and whoever reads this blog. But I promise I have some good things in store coming up! Lots more swatches and I play on doing more simple art in November. So for now take this!

Some simples monster of Frankenstein stitches, and chevron accents. I love love the way this came out! 

The green is Barry M Key Lime, which is a gorgeous color and an amazing formula as always! 

Here's a swatch of Key Lime before I started the manicure. So pretty and shiny on it's own! 

Also did my mom's nails. She wanted everything different actually so I went to town! It was nice because she works at a preschool so I'm sure that'll be fun for some kids to see. 

Guess this wasn't much of a quick post! Sorry if this post seems wonky, I am posting from my phone!