Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wet 'n Wild Pop Art Craze!

Boy. This collection sure has stirred up some craziness in the nail world! I don't know anyone who hasn't checked at least three stores for these limited edition pretties. Myself include *cough* checked 7 stores.... BUT I finally found them and I was not disappointed!

I have a few Wet 'n Wild polishes but not many from the Wild Shine (I just have their basic black) and they live up to their shiny name! Wow!

Click le jump to see all the photos! Warning: Some colors made my poor little camera freak out.. I did my best to color correct! Colors aren't terribly off.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

ZOYA Stevie

Ahhhh, one of my picks from Zoya's ever growing texture polishes (dubbed Pixie Dust) was Stevie. I've never been let down with a purple polish and this surely is no exception to that high standard! And something about this lighter shade of purple really goes well with my skin tone.

Swatches below are two super easy coats. I find it is easier to apply thin coats as opposed to thick. It dries faster and you get a more even textured look. :)

 You catchin the silver sparkle in it?! I'm so in love! I actually think I like Zoya's texture polishes better than O.P.I.. sssshh! I cannot wait to get more. Their fall line up is lookin reaaaaaaaal nice too. I see an empty wallet in my future.
I think this polish would look flattering on anyone!

Do you like texture polishes? What brand do you think is the best?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Jelly Sang

jelly sangwich.. again. Hey, I told you I've been on a (jelly) roll lately!

I just wanted to make a quick separate post because the last one already had a few to scroll through.

So the "recipe" is down below. I loovve this! Caught On Sapphire is from Wet 'n Wild's Fast Dry line. I love this polish! The glitters are so cool. I'll have to swatch it by itself also but I the moment I saw it I was like "you're going in a sandwich." Yeah.

What a lovely gift from my friend Lina! Thanks girl :)

I really love purple & blue combos. It's just says something special to me! Haha.

Jellin Like A Felon

ok. Not really a felon.. but I'm on a roll! (jelly roll that is)

Today I have a swatch of China Glaze - Creative Fantasy from their Cirque Du Soleil collection a while back. This is a vibrant yet dark (is that even possible?!) true purple shade, although it is more on the red side of the mix.

Swatches below are four thin coats with top coat because it does dry a little dull/matte, although you could get away with two slightly thicker coats. I just preferred to do thin coats :)

My mother said "This looks like grapes. But like..grape kool-aid." Haha!

 So good and shiny. Another one of my favorite jellies. And purple is my favorite color!

You ever just be like wth Seche? I don't really use this top coat but I did for my ring finger because I was in a rush when I had to re-paint it. Just wow. Cmon son.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Essie - Turquoise & Caicos

I've been in a jelly type of mood lately so I dug out one of my favorites in my collection (I act like I have a lot lol) Essie - Turquoise & Caicos! A very pretty dusty turquoise shade.

Being a jelly you expect a little bit of sheerness but this one is a little more on the opaque side. Swatches below are three coats with top coat.

 Mmmm so beautiful and squishy!!

I was also playing around with jelly sangwiches and discovered a dupe (almost) for Drops of Jade from the Maybelline Polka Dots collection! It's obviously not so jade but it looks a lot like it :) the black and white glitter I used is one coat of Social Suicide by the indie Different Dimension. I lovve it!

Hope you enjoyed the swatches and the little recipe ;) thanks for reading <3 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Gray Weather... Grey Nails

Boo! Some summer I'm having here on the coast of California. Today was soooo gray/foggy. Hard to believe it's the middle of July! Anyhow, I let the weather guide my choice for a color today and I chose China Glaze - Pelican Gray.

It's definitely one of my favorites. I love that it's not your typical gunmetal gray, rainy blue/gray. It's just a very pretty light, muted gray. Gray, gray, gray!

 Formula was a little thin but it's buildable and dries quickly. I'm wearing three thin coats.

 I lovvvee it. Decided to add a little flair! (Spectraflair 35 to be exact!) My bottle is from KPT but many other indie brands have it out there. Gives any polish you have a holographic finish! How cool is that?! And I'm diggin this over the light gray. Gives it such a subtle look.

 Don't know why I put it on if the sun isn't out though! Haha. So here's some directly under my lamp.

Thanks for reading ;) Do you prefer gray or grey? I think I asked that before. I switch back and forth between the two!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mint Manis for Talia Joy

Many who are involved in the beauty blog/vlog life, whether viewing or contributing, knows we lost beauty guru Talia Joy Castellano on July 16, 2013. I wasn't an avid watcher but I did know about her and watch her occasionally. How was she better than most grown women at make-up?! Haha amazing! I was so..devastated to hear the news. All I can say is she isn't in any pain anymore and she definitely left her mark on the world and raising awareness of child cancer.

 Darker green is Revlon - Posh and the lighter green is Keep Calm, Paint On by China Glaze. Design done with striping tape.

Thank you Nicole for organizing this and creating the hashtags. R.I.P Talia and thank you for always being such a positive light despite your hardships. Prayers to her family. 

Talia's last post was the inspiration for the mint mani.

Thank you.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Funday

Today I have a swatch and a little art for you :) below is two coats of China Glaze Sunday Funday from the 2013 Avant Garden collection! 
 The swatches are two easy coats, although you could have done one thick coat, and no top coat.

My artsy fartsy shot.

 And I did some glitter placement nails in a polka dot formation thanks to a tutorial by Candice (MrCandiiPants) on YouTube! Can't believe I never thought of this cute idea!

Hope y'all are havin a good Sunday.. funday! Haha! Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quick Post w/ Bubblegum

A swatch post today! Recently acquired Barry M Dragonfruit and oh my gosh.. why is this brand not in the US yet?! The quality is so AH-mazing.
First coat was a little streaky but second coat made it opaque. 
And the shine, of course does not fail.
I didn't even use top coat on this photo below!! Dat shine. Ah. I definitely need more of these.

When I got it, I was a little afraid I would dupe myself with other similar bubble gum pink colors in my collection, but no dupe here! Sally Hansen Bubble Gum Pink is slightly darker and blue toned, and has more of a matte finish, and the color on the left of the Barry M (unnamed LA color polish) is also slightly darker.

There was also this micro shimmer that was in the bottle of Dragonfruit that didn't come off as vibrant on the nail, but it did show up! I wish I could have captured it for y'all. Just believe me when I say it's worth the buy ;)

Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Clearly Spotted Skies

Hi! Today I have a simple gradient topped with black and white glitter today.

The gradient below was a few layers of Essie Borrowed and Blue and Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Mint Sorbet (over a base of China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around)

It's really subtle and I love it! Although it is slightly more vibrant in real life.
The combo reminds me of a blue sky and green grass almost.

I was lucky enough to snatch the last bottle of the high coveted Clearly Spotted from the new Maybelline Polka Dots collection in my local Wal*Mart! My store usually sucks at keeping nail polish stocked.. but it looked like someone was hiding this last one! Snooze ya lose ;)

Shown below is just ONE coat of Clearly Spotted (which I am actually considering giving away/selling, since I have something similar to it already!) 

And finally, mattified! Because I've been a little obsessed with black/white glitter and matte combo lately. I love it! What do you think? I also did this mani as part of a twin mani with my Instagram friend Melissa! So definitely check out her post about it too. And her art in general, she's amazing! 

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

First OPI Liquid Sand!

Today I have a swatch of Jinx, a lovely texture polish from the OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sand collection! This is also my first texture polish!
Jinx is a gorgeous warm red/orangey-coral polish with golden shimmer throughout the polish.

The sun was not in my favor for swatches today :(

 But it came out today! So I took a couple more photos in more intense sunlight.
The golden shimmer really comes alive in bright sunlight. This color makes me want a juicy tangerine or an orange Popsicle mmmm!

Gold gold gold!
The formula on this was amazing also. Opaque in two coats. No top coat of course or else that would defeat the purpose of the texture :} 
I'm not a person who likes bows, big rhinestones, ribbons etc... on my nails, so these liquid sand polishes everyone has been coming out with are a happy medium for me!
I would definitely recommend this unique shade to anyone! I wasn't sure if it flattered me, but I fell in love with it over time. Wore it for two days even! I couldn't stop feeling my nails either ha! It's not super gritty or anything. And removal is also a breeze! Nothing like removing a glitter like I thought.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day!

Quick post cause it's grillin time over here at our family's house!
I started with a base of Milani White On the Spot. then I placed vertical line of striping tape on my ring and pinky finger. I sponged a gradient of China Glaze Hey Sailor and O.P.I I Saw...You Saw...We Saw...Warsaw (that'll always be hard to say...lol)

I also used a tutorial by Chalkboard Nails for these stenciled star nails! I used the same red and blue colors on a make up sponge and then carefully peeled it back while it was still wet :) All topped off with NYC topcoat.

I'm obviously ready to grill taking pictures right next to it.. lol.

 Hope yall enjoy! Have a happy and safe Fourth of July! :D


Today I have a swatch of the thermal polish Tomboyish by Pretty and Polished!

It goes from a rainy/pale blue when warm...

To a gorgeous deep teal! (green leaning) It dries slightly matte so a topcoat will really bring out the shine AND the scattered holo throughout!

 Here's a picture of it transitioning. I love how it kinda looks like the Earth on my index and middle fingers. Thermal polishes are so cool! They give you a design without even doing on anything. My "default" color is usually the pale blue with teal tips. I don't know why the tips/free edge of my fingers are colder. Who knows!

This will definitely not be my last thermal polish purchase!

Swatches above are three thin coats with Out the Door topcoat!