Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wet 'n Wild Pop Art Craze!

Boy. This collection sure has stirred up some craziness in the nail world! I don't know anyone who hasn't checked at least three stores for these limited edition pretties. Myself include *cough* checked 7 stores.... BUT I finally found them and I was not disappointed!

I have a few Wet 'n Wild polishes but not many from the Wild Shine (I just have their basic black) and they live up to their shiny name! Wow!

Click le jump to see all the photos! Warning: Some colors made my poor little camera freak out.. I did my best to color correct! Colors aren't terribly off.

First is Teal Slowly and See a very pretty and vibrant sky blue creme! (contrary to the teal name. What up WnW?!) It's super bright but not as bright as my camera is making it seem. It flipped out a little! Below is three thin coats with top coat.

Listening to Blue Reed, A bright true blue color. Probably my least favorite of the collection. I feel like this color is way over done! Three thin coats with top coat.

Stand the Test of Lime, lol names always get me. Not really a lime green though, it's more of a slime green! (Which my camera hates!!) The color isn't far off though it just took forever to capture. This is the most sheer of the collection, and I used four thin coats with top coat. I actually am really growing to like this. It's so bright!

Oh look! It matched my little Camel Bak bite valve.

Who Is Ultra Violet? is also one of the lesser bright colors, it actually comes off slightly dusty in my eyes. Regardless, I can never resist a good purple! Dare I say this almost comes off jelly like? Three thin coats + top coat.

 And lastly, The Clock Strikes Orange! I think I might be missing the joke in this one? Fill me in! This is a bright orange creme that also needed three thin coats. Um, and let me just clarify that it does NOT look as Cheeto-like in person. My skin+lighting=freak out. It's actually a really pretty and unique orange! I like it.

Second photo is more color accurate :)

SO all in all I think it was worth the search! Especially since these polishes were only .99 cents! I was really impressed with the formulas this time around even though they needed three coats, they still dried really fast and super shiny! You could actually skip top coat in my opinion. My top pick is Teal Slowly and See! It is SO bright and I actually don't own any sky blues!

Sorry about the wonky lighting in a few of the photos. The sun has not been kind to my city! I definitely need to invest in some light box supplies and a good lightbulb soon!

Thanks for stickin around for these though ;)

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