Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quick Post w/ Bubblegum

A swatch post today! Recently acquired Barry M Dragonfruit and oh my gosh.. why is this brand not in the US yet?! The quality is so AH-mazing.
First coat was a little streaky but second coat made it opaque. 
And the shine, of course does not fail.
I didn't even use top coat on this photo below!! Dat shine. Ah. I definitely need more of these.

When I got it, I was a little afraid I would dupe myself with other similar bubble gum pink colors in my collection, but no dupe here! Sally Hansen Bubble Gum Pink is slightly darker and blue toned, and has more of a matte finish, and the color on the left of the Barry M (unnamed LA color polish) is also slightly darker.

There was also this micro shimmer that was in the bottle of Dragonfruit that didn't come off as vibrant on the nail, but it did show up! I wish I could have captured it for y'all. Just believe me when I say it's worth the buy ;)

Thanks for reading!

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