Friday, July 26, 2013

Jellin Like A Felon

ok. Not really a felon.. but I'm on a roll! (jelly roll that is)

Today I have a swatch of China Glaze - Creative Fantasy from their Cirque Du Soleil collection a while back. This is a vibrant yet dark (is that even possible?!) true purple shade, although it is more on the red side of the mix.

Swatches below are four thin coats with top coat because it does dry a little dull/matte, although you could get away with two slightly thicker coats. I just preferred to do thin coats :)

My mother said "This looks like grapes. But like..grape kool-aid." Haha!

 So good and shiny. Another one of my favorite jellies. And purple is my favorite color!

You ever just be like wth Seche? I don't really use this top coat but I did for my ring finger because I was in a rush when I had to re-paint it. Just wow. Cmon son.

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