Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stamping Saturday: I've Been A Good Unicorn

Saturday!!! Relaxation in all forms comes today. I will probably hang lay around and watch Christmas movies all day. Doing nothing is my favorite past time. Being off from school and work is going to be soooo refreshing. Here's my stamping to officially kick off my Christmas vacation!

I started with three thin coats of Lacquer Lust - I've Been A Good Unicorn (aka Christmas in a bottle). Isn't this gorgeous?! Hate to post about this since it was LE and sold out way too quick, but I definitely needed to use this polish asap! I'm almost positive she will bring it back next year.

Anyway. On top I stamped with O.P.I - What's Your Point-settia and MoYou Kaleidoscope 3 and my new rectangular stamper that I am in LOVE with and will be posting about tomorrow.

I'll be honest I'm not in love with the way it came out. I wanted a more "open" design to let the polish do it's thang. I could have done something better. Let's just call it a funky poinsettia yeah? Ok.


  1. We have synergy lately with the plates! Loving this!

  2. Uggghhhh! That Lacquer Lust is to die for. I want it. I want it bad. I love how festive your mani came out.