Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Polished By KPT - Siren's Song

Hey romantic ladies, single babies, and sophisticated mamas. 

Today I am raving about another thermal from the beautiful brain of Katherine. SIREN'S SONG. Wearing this sure set off a siren in my heart. The beauty. Read on for too many pictures of this gorgeous polish!

 So this beautiful babe of a polish right here from Polished by KPT is a stunning thermal that transitions from a clear-ish teal color (warm) to a medium teal (cold). I LOVE IT. 

Not only is it a thermal but it has these gorgeous glitters in it! Green, purple, and blue square glitters with some scattered holographic thrown in the base. 





index, middle are warm and ring, pinky are cold 

This is like an underwater fiesta and I love it. Ariel would definitely be wearing this at her wedding to Prince Eric. The last photo was taken in my kitchen because I was having a hard time keeping my hands warm for a transition photo. The change is very subtle on me anyway.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! I don't know why it took me so long to get this polish but I am glad I did!

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