Saturday, December 27, 2014

Stamping Saturday

Boy oh! Usually  I am posting earlier in the morning on saturday with my stamping look. I just did not feel like it. Lazin around after Christmas is just top priority right now. I slapped this look together because I was cravin some holo after all the Christmas looks I've done. BUTTTT I still have a couple more Christmassy looks saved up because my heart is still December 25th right now. Anyway, getting on with the stamping!

I started with two coats of the awesome ILNP - Kings and Queens, with their old bottle I will miss so dearly. After that I stamped with Color Club - Beyond and KBShimmer - PT Young Thing. I like the double stamping but don't know if I picked the right stamp.

I regret not taking more photos of Kings and Queens but I will definitely be using it again.

Hope you enjoyed this look and are having a great weekend!


  1. I love this look! The 3 colors go so well together!

    Cynthia and I were placing bets on if you'd done snowflake nails because we both posted them. ;-)

    1. Thanks! Hahaha after seeing you guys do that I feel like I should have!

  2. Wow that purple base is something else! I love the double stamping & the image you chose is perfect! ;]