Saturday, December 13, 2014

Stamping Saturday: Holographic Sweaters

It's that time again! Stamping Saturday! And here I am for the third week in a row and posting three days this week! I totally should be saving content for a rainy day but I just love being back on a more consistent posting schedule now that school is over. Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty WE ARE FREE AT LAST!! 

School makes me emotional, anyway. On to the polish!

Remember yesterday's post with Dance Legend - Blanco? Well today I used MoYou Festive 04 for the sweater like pattern with Zoya - Harlow! A scattered rose plum, as Zoya describes it. It has beautiful silver shimmer in it as well. In my stamping look it is top coated but it is equally as gorgeous matte.

I really love the color combination. What do you think? Have you done anymore Christmas nails?


  1. I totally get how school makes you emotional. I love this look. That holo OMG and paired with the purple, WOWZA!!!

    Also, I know you've been joining the link-up alot lately. If you ever want to add the code to your posts you can grab it from the bottom of one our pages or I can add you to my email list. Let me know if you want me too. :-)