Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gold/Red Christmas Snowflakes

IT'S WEDNESDAY. Almost the weekend. I am living for my weekends because it's a fun* game of catch up for me on house and school work. (*not fun) I had a cool name for this post but totally forgot it... so excuse le boring title.

But I've got another spectacular Christmas stamping combo to share with you guys and I hope you like it. Skip after the jump (haha) to see more!

 My oh so holiday manicure started with a recreation from this post. I use this snowflake stamp (BM 323) annually but I usually pair it with dark blue and silver. I don't know why I never thought to put it with red! It's gorgeous. The beautiful jewel red is Zoya - Posh and the gold stamping detail is done with China Glaze - Passion.

The two accent nails are Polished by KPT Triomphe-nt Night a stunning yellow gold holographic glitter polish!! I'm in love. My nails are Christmas and all is right with the world. Someone asked me if I got them done in the salon and I was like ;) NOPE NEVER.

The color scheme also reminds me of Bayern Munich.

P.s I never really understood the KPT name until RIGHT now listening to Pandora and O Come All Ye Faithful comes on lol "joyful and TRIIII omm phent." That may or may not be the real inspiration but that's what I'm going with. My mind on Christmas and Christmas on my mind. Hope you enjoyed the look!

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