Thursday, January 1, 2015

Gold & Silver

Hey all! Hope you guys kicked off the New Year right! I have some nail art inspired by an awesome mug to show you today and I'm pretty pleased how it came out. Read on for details and my inspiration!

Sparkle heaven. I die. I started with two coats of O.P.I My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Once that was dry I placed some chevron nail vinyls (can't remember the brand... sorry!) and stuck them down firmly. I sponged on China Glaze I'm Not Lion and Glistening Snow in two layers and peeled the vinyls back. Done! 

In hindsight this was a PITA to topcoat because I had to do thick coats, which caused it to bubble like crazy. I may leave it textured next time or try thinner glitter coats because this didn't come out as shiny as I would have liked it to.

Haha then my mom came home with this ribbon and said "Look! Matches your nails!" My dentist also complimented it to when I handed him back my paperwork. It was so brief I was so surprised he noticed.

Here is the link to the mug and other art by her available on pretty much anything from cups to phone cases. Isn't her design gorgeous? When I saw it I knew I had to do it on my nails. I kind of wish I had the cup now to pose with! 

I really enjoyed doing this design. I hope you guys have a very happy new year! Hopefully 2015 will be packed on my blog. Thank you guys so much for staying with me :)


  1. This looks just like the mug and your bow ring is adorable! I hate you because you have waken the cell phone case hoarder in me and now I'm looking at what iPhone 6 plus case to get from that artist!

  2. I want both now - your nails and the mug!

  3. Ooooh I love this! The glitter and white together are super pretty. I'm an idiot and didn't even realize it was a glitter gradient until I read the caption under the first photo!