Saturday, January 10, 2015

Stamping Saturday!

Man oh man am I glad it's the weekend. I'm breakin out two untrieds today so you can say I feel pretty accomplished. There's lots more info after the jump!

I'm also pretty excited to be using one of my Born Pretty Plates! The one I used today is BP-17 with the top left mehndi type design.

Image from Born Pretty Store

I started with two coats of KBShimmer - Honeydew List. Ok, this is going to be my go to spring time polish. First coat had me skeptical but second coat had me thinking how I can use this every chance possible. Perfect pastel green!

The details are done with Love Thy - Polish Magic Forest. I definitely didn't intend for it to be this subtle but I'll roll with it! It stamped pretty well and there's some slight holo sparkle in it.

As for the Born Pretty plate you can color me very impressed! I can't wait to use the other images on this plate. As you can see the lines came out very crisp, besides some slight patches from the holo polish I used. And at $2.99 + free s/h it's a steal if you can bear the wait it takes to come from China. I can't wait to use some more images from the plate to show you guys so I hope you stick around.

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to use my code EDJ61 for 10% off your order! 

Also bear with me as I try to figure out my lighting situation and playing around with my glitter background :) 

*products provided for my honest review


  1. That stamping design is gorgeous and I love the color palette you've chosen! I need to get back into stamping again but I can't find my stamper :(

  2. I might need these plates. Love the images. Also loving your glitter background. Perfect mani!

  3. It's beautiful! That green!!!!!! I want that plate now, of course. lol

  4. Hello Rei, this is so fresh and lovely. I'm READY for spring! Thanks for paying close attention to your background, too. That definitely adds interest to your photos. =)

  5. Just tried a Born Pretty plate myself and I'm also impressed! That Honeydew List is such a pretty spring color. I'm actually very looking forward to spring this year bc I missed that entire season during my break from blogging last year =[