Saturday, January 31, 2015

Stamping Saturday: Swirl Heaven

SA-TUR-DAY NIGHT! Even though it's only the morning I have that song from the Bay City Rollers stuck in my head. Good times. 

This week DRAGGED on for me. But I have an eventful day of food and discount polish shopping planned today that'll make up for it all and the fact that school starts again Monday. Blah!

But anywayyyyy here's some triple stamping. Ooooo ahhh!

I went a little crazy with the stamping but it doesn't look muddled or anything and I'm grateful for that. My base is Polish My Life - Birthday Suit. I then stamped with O.P.I - Can't Find My Czechbook, KBShimmer -PT Young Thing and China Glaze - Tart-y for the Party. The blue glitter accents are O.P.I - Tiffany Case with top coat!

The plate is BM 607 one of my favorites (aka why I named this post swirl heaven). I'm a sucker for swirls and these are nice and "loose" so it's easy to double stamp with it and have plenty of my base show so it's not too crowded.

Super simple as it usually is with me but being as blue and purple are my favorite colors I love this a lot. Hope you do too and I hope your Saturday is awesome and relaxing! Thanks for reading :)


  1. The triple stamping stole my heart! I sooo like it! Will try on my nails, great inspiration - just need to fine pattern "loose" enough :)

  2. Hello Rei, ooh, this is lovely and you've given me a great idea. I adore *simple* nail art and love seeing it in blogs (because simple is about all I'm capable of!).