Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stamping Saturday: Galactic Kaleidoscope

SATURDAYYYYY. I swear even though this was a short week because I had Monday off, it dragged on. I hit the snooze every morning so I'm definitely ready for some serious lounging this weekend.

And to kick off the weekend I of course have some cool nails to share. I didn't post yesterday which kinda messed up my attempt at a 7 day posting streak. I'll get em next time.

I started with a base of the limited edition piCture pOlish - Gravity. But don't worry. I'm positive there's a dupe out there. I didn't layer this over black simply because I didn't want to. Ain't she purdy? I used four coats because the formula is super thin when it isn't layered, but it dried fast and obviously does not look thick on the nail so it was no problem!

After that was dry I stamped over it with Cult Nails - Nevermore and MoYou Kaleidoscope 3

I love these kaleidoscope plates man. This design in particular reminds me of some type of slow-mo nebula explosion. Or maybe the polish fumes are getting to me?

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great day!

P.s sorry for the ferocious glare.


  1. A galaxy mani in a bottle! I love that MoYou image.

  2. Ugh! I love Gravity! So pretty. Your stamping elevates it that much more too!

  3. That base color is beautiful and the stamping looks great with it!

  4. I hate you and your gorgeous polishes. I have not used any PP polishes EVER so this makes me want them all...and of course I am on my lent no-buy. This mani looks fantastic!!!

  5. This is so beautiful!!! Picture Polish is drool worthy, EVERY time