Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ORLY - Mirrorball

Hello all! 
Today I have a swatch of a polish that took late last year by storm and is still reigning supreme in the new year! ORLY - Mirrorball is what I'm talkin about and if you click after the jump you can see some more photos and my thoughts on the polish.

Mirrorball mirrorball. If you're not one to read long posts let me sum it up for you now. BUY THIS. My swatches below are four thin coats, but three is plenty. I did four because VNL bothers me and mine is hard to cover. Plus this polish dries super quick so four coats didn't leave me sitting for hours waiting for it to dry or leave the polish looking thick on the nail.

The sun was kind enough to come out! So here are some photos in natural lighting that I never get to use.

Those holo flames! Not only is this a silver linear holo it has hex glitters. The depth. I can't go on.

What also really sold me on this polish is I wore it for three days. I work with boogery kids all day and I wash my hands a lot. Three days doesn't happen for me! There were no chips or tip wear on my photo hand and only slight tipwear on my index of my Cinderella hand. Pretty dang awesome in my book!

What do you think? Do you own this yet? Why not?!


  1. I don't own it. Yet. No idea why not - mea culpa, running to buy this bad boy right now!

  2. Fantastic, perfect colors! :)

    Kisses from Poland! :)