Saturday, February 7, 2015

Stamping Saturday - OPI Hawai'i

SATURDAYYY. Best day of the week. Chillin' out, stampin', relaxin' all cool and all.

This weekend is a huge yard sale event going on because I live in an area with a lot of military and they're constantly moving. Hopefully I can find some treasures this weekend. But first let me tell you about my stamping!

O.P.I  - Just Lanai-ing Around 
This is one of the only few polishes I picked up from the O.P.I Hawaii collection. It was a last minute addition to the other two I got and I'm so glad I got this one! I usually don't go for shades of mauve like this but mmmmm I love it so much! And it was perfect in two coats. It also has a hint of shimmer in it that my camera failed to pick up.

My stamping details are done with O.P.I - My Boyfriend Scales Walls and MoYou Pro 12. My ring and thumb nails are covered with three coats of Zoya - Godiva. At first I thought I made a mistake putting that color with this but I actually really like it after wearing it for a day. It's like the sand at the beach accompanying this OPI Hawaiian inspired polish!


  1. Hi Rei, this is just beautiful! Your color combinations, nail shape, and choice of stamping pattern all complement each other. I personally love mauves -- they remind me fondly of (*sniff, sniff*!) Radiant Orchid, which I miss terribly. =(