Monday, February 16, 2015

Bundle Monster Wonderland Collection

Hello all! Today I have the Bundle Monster Wonderland collection to review for you. It's pretty pic heavy/wordy so go ahead and click after the jump to read more!

B107 Frostbite
I have to be honest and say I don't understand why polishes like these are still made unless it's specifically marketed as a stamping polish. My swatch shows 3 coats. Two makes it opaque but a third coat to try to get it as even as possible. It was a nice enough formula but brushstrokes are unavoidable. I stamped with Color Club - Beyond and BM 322.

B108 Neve
A white pearlescent polish with a shock of gold shimmer through it. It was inciting to me at first look but on my nail I don't think it's that flattering on my skin tone. I however love it with nail stamping on it and think it'll look great on others! Three coats with top coat.

I initially stamped over this but I goofed and used a Winstonia plate haha. So in the spirit of keeping it all Bundle Monster I left it out. 

B109 Winter Blue reviewed here

B110 Sparkling Pine 
Pretty true to it's name Sparkling Pine is a light evergreen shade with silver and gold glitter sprinkled throughout. I was pretty impressed by this actually! But let me say this is probably the weirdest polish I have ever worked with. It was such a weird gel like formula but not in a bad way. It was pretty sheer at first but built nicely in three coats. And with the formula it dried smooth! I still covered with top coat though.

I wish I had a dollar sign stamp to use over this, it would've been so perfect!

B112 New Year's Eve
A super shiny and sparkly gold based glitter with gold glitter. Ok. This is one of my favorites. I can definitely see myself wearing this to an event (like I actually get invited to things important...). My camera fails to pick up it's true beauty but trust me, this baby is REFLECTIVE. I love it. And it was awesome in three coats with top coat. I stamped over it with black and BM607

B111 Bubbly Rose

My other favorite! This is a pink tinged champagne with hex glitter in it. Again, this glitter is so reflective! This and New Year's Eve are the first foil/glitter polishes I've tried. I really love the look it gives. Three coats with top coat. I stamped over it with Essie - Watermelon and BM 323.

My top picks from this Wonderland collection are Bubbly Rose, Winter Blue, New Year's Eve! What's great about this collection is that they're available individually if you're interested in a specific one.
Hope you enjoyed my thoughts and a little stamping!

*polishes provided in exchange for my honest opinion

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  1. Hi Rei, I think the pearlescent and frost nail polishes are still being made because there is a market for them. Not everyone will want them, just like not everyone enjoys the dark colors popular lately or the matte and textured finishes. Personally, I am just glad that there is a little something out there for each person's individual taste! You've layered these polishes in a pretty way with your stamping. <3