Thursday, May 23, 2013

China Glaze Hologlam

I was definitely one of those people who was SUPER excited to hear that China Glaze releasing a new HOLOGRAPHIC collection! I started on my nail collecting game a little late and unfortunately missed out on a lot of awesome collections, the OMG CG collection being one.

When I saw swatches online. Mannnnn I was disappointed! What happened to the strong holographic that was in the previous collection? And they did have a lot of blue tones so a lot of 'em weren't very unique in my eyes.

But wait! I pushed past that and purchased these two! And I sure did change my mind! They are definitely very subtle compared to the old collection and even compared to other holographic collections by other brands (Color Club Halo Hues being one that most people compare them to).. and I actually liked it! I found myself really liking the not so strong holo in them. This post will be slightly picture heavy! So here are my two picks: 

When Stars Collide, a super pretty purple color that's more reddish based. Which I really like because most of my purples are blue based!

I swear this polish looks so good on it's own. I could be doing the most awkward hand pose and this polish would find a way to make my hands look good!

 Above is a photo in the shade! At  first I thought "meh" with this color because I thought it clashed with my skin tone but I actually really like it. A lot. Can you tell? I would definitely recommend this one! It's two easy coats and all of these photos include top coat. If you're worried about your ridges showing any (which they do a bit on my finger nails) I'd definitely go with a ridge filler base coat/ aqua base.

Strap On Your Moonboots: A dark navy blueish color that is pretty in the sun and in the shade! The holo is strong in this one.

 Above photo in the shade! Again, two easy coats with top coat. But this could almost be opaque in one with a steady hand and a medium/thick coat.

After these two I decided I do like this collection! But not all of them. I for sure want to pick up Infra-Red also. Thanks for reading!

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