Sunday, May 26, 2013

Are You Jelly of The Highlight of My Summer?

Despite the mostly negative reviews of the new China Glaze Sunsational Collection, I bought two of them anyway! I chose one from the jelly and one from the creme. 

Are You Jelly? is a purple shade from the jelly side. I purchased this one because it seemed to be one of the colors that was the least problematic (and c'mon... I couldn't deny that name) and I must agree! It behaves like a typical jelly, and here you see 4 coats to get to an opacity I like. I probably could have gone with three but my first two coats weren't careful enough.

So if you're a fan of jellies this one is definitely for you! It's sheer but definitely buildable. 

Highlight of My Summer is the most perfect, obnoxiously bright (not necessarily neon..?) MINT. Seeing that combo I was sold. Unfortunately all reviews of this formula are true. BLAH. Something about this creme/bright/pastel almost neon makes the formula so weird and chalk like, just as I read described. First two thin coats were streaky and the third leveled it out. Without top coat this would look like a weird matte/chalk mess. BUT I found a little solution. On my thumb I put down a base of a white nail polish and which made me only require two coats of HOMS. Which made me relieved and now I don't regret the purchase! So I would definitely go with a white base!

So. Bright. Ah! It's a shame the formula isn't better because this color (and the name) is to die for! I might be picking up more of the colors from the collection now that I know white undies will help the disastrous creme formula.
Thanks for reading! :)

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