Friday, May 17, 2013

Big Sur + Gradient

A few weeks ago I volunteered for the Big Sur International Marathon! Volunteers always get a super cool t-shirt with a graphic of the race course on the front. And they say nail inspiration is everywhere so of course I had to make a little somethin!

I went off the gradient in the background because you can never go wrong with a blue and purple gradient! Plus they're my favorite colours :)

Colours I used L-R: 
  • China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around,
  • China Glaze Sunday Funday, 
  • China Glaze Seaspray,
  • unnamed purple from L.A Colors, 
  • China Glaze Tart-y for the Party!

I started with the white shimmery base for a little extra umph. And the reason I have both a dark and light blue, and dark and light purple is because I didn't have any exact colour to match the ones on the shirt. 
I used about equal parts of the lighter and the darker colour and it came out pretty darn close, if not spot on to the shirt! I was pleased!

The expo was really fun also, seeing so many from literally all over the world to come to a race! Lord knows I can't run but it was still fun to be in that type of environment. I was surprised to see a lot of Bostonians there! Especially after what happened there. A lot of them were doing the Big Sur marathon also. Two marathons in less than two weeks?! My goodness.

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