Sunday, November 16, 2014

Glam Polish - Cauldron

Lemme get a Camp Hope hi hi HIYA! If you know what I'm talking about... I love you. If not click this. One of the funniest movies ever. But this isn't a movie blog. I'm just excited to show you Glam Polish Caludron! *heart eyes emoji*


Now this polish is nothing short of amazing like WarlockSorceress, and Pentacle.

Cauldron is a stunning, deep green leaning teal shade. It has a holographic finish and teal holographic hex glitters in various sizes for added depth. It was perfection in two coats.

ALSO how did I not know about Gelous before?! Two coats of Gelous and one coat of HK Girl and this polish is smooth as glass. And it dried to a pretty rough texture so that's pretty darn awesome. In hindsight I realize it created more glare on my nails in my lightbox but... it just makes it look so pretty. Sorry not sorry.

One thing. The polish is a *tad* deeper than my photos appear. I don't know why it skipped out on the touch of green. It is still unbelievably stunning. 

Hope you enjoyed the photos! I've been trying really hard to improve my photo abilities and keeping care of my skin. I think it's paying off. :)


  1. I love Heavyweights. Great movie and beautiful polish!

  2. Wow - this polish is hitting all the notes! Gorgeous! Whatever you doing skin-care-wise, keep it up - your hands look like perfection. Thank you for the beautiful photos!