Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stamping Saturdays

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! I am so excited to link up to stamping Saturday. I always see Cynthia posting every week and I finally had time to put something together to join. Read on for more info!

I originally saw this look from Lauren on Instagram. She always has such cute stamping combos and I wanted to wear this one!

I have Polished by KPT Being in the Pink on my thumb, index, and pinky fingers. Lumieres (also by Polished by KPT) is on my middle and ring fingers and the stamping accents are done with Suki 6 plate from MoYou London with Wet n Wild Black Creme.

Isn't this combination fabulous? And since it's a thermal I get away with two looks when Being in the Pink is transitioning from pink to purple. Win. Lumieres is also a stunning polish! I definitely have to swatch that solo but here is a purposeful blurry shot to give ya tease. Isn't it AMAZING?

I hope you guys enjoyed this look! Be sure to check out the other ladies stamping looks and hopefully I will be back next Saturday stamping. Can you believe the last time I had a stamping post was THIS post in July!? It's been wayyy too long!


  1. Such a lovely combination. I seriously need Lumieres!

  2. Who makes Lumieres? It is AMAZING and your stamping is perfect.

    1. Polished by KPT! Sorry, I thought I made that clear. Let me change my wording!

  3. Oh man, this is so gorgeous!!! 1) Purple!!! 2) PURPLE!!! 3) HOLO PURPLE!!!!!!! Yep, that was my head exploding. I can't believe the WNW stamped so well!! I'm going to try it out now. So glad you got a chance to join us. :D

  4. Yay! Another #StampingSaturday participant! You should join us all the time. ;-) I love love love this look and will be copying you as I have all the things needed. Thanks for the fabulous mani!