Sunday, November 9, 2014

Swatch/Review Born Pretty Holographic #8

 Hello all!
 Today I have a swatch and review for you of this polish from the Born Pretty store. Read on for thoughts and more pictures and a coupon code at the end!

Holographic #8 is your standard blue holographic polish. It's a pretty thin formula and it came to opacity in three coats but still with VNL so I added a fourth coat.

 Although I do always have very visible VNL no matter what and most people don't plan on sticking their hands in lightboxes!

The "flames" in the polish are very promising! I got a kick out of wearing it. I assure you even though my skin changes colors in the lighting, the polish is true to color in my photos.

4 coats seems like a PITA but the formula is thin and dries quickly so there's no issue of it looking thick. Here is a direct link to the polish and if you use my coupon code EDJ61 you get 10% off! And you can enjoy FREE world wide shipping to an awesome nail art supplier. Win win.

Although this product was provided for review, it's still 100% my own opinion. 


  1. What a lovely colour! I think it would look fab as the base for some stamping, too :)

    1. Ah! I was short on time while doing this but I will definitely have to wear this again and stamp over it :)

  2. I love their holo polishes, but I don't have this one (yet) :)