Friday, October 24, 2014

Glam Polish - Sorceress

Guys.. This post will be emotionally charged for me. Read on.

So I first saw swatches of this collection I honestly thought about buying the entire thing... and I pretty much did. Which is rare for an indie line. I'll have separate posts for the others because I was dumb and ordered them at two different times. They all deserve individual posts anyway.

The beauty I have for you today is Glam Polish Sorceress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's just bask in her glory for a moment ok?

Those hexes. Oh my...

Pick your jaw up yet? Ok so not only is this the most gorgeous shade of berry pink but the formula is fantastic. This is two thick but manageable coats. And a third because I wanted more glitter. The pay off is amazing. It's the perfect combination of base and hex glitters. Everything is just spread so evenly. The hex glitters give off such a pretty glow. I feel like I'm wearing pink rubies on my finger nails. Does that make sense? Whatever. That's what a good polish does to me. Makes me ramble. Or it could be the fumes.

Sadly I have no outdoor shot but TRUST when I say this is even more stunning outside. Blame coastal weather!

What do you think of this polish? Do you want it? Are you buying it now? Are you thinking of how many ways to tell Rachel you love her like I am?


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