Sunday, October 5, 2014

KBShimmer Pt Young Thing Swatch + Review


I recently acquired this amazing silver holo from KBShimmer! Read on to see my humble thoughts ~

I was in the market for a silver holo forever because I actually do not have one! I feel like a part of me was missing without this basic staple in my collection. Void FILLED. *fanfare* KBShimmer Pt Young Thing. Side note: I have to admit I despise the name. I get it.. but.. bleh. Anyway.

Swatches below are three thin coats with top coat. Two would have sufficed but I found this polish can be easily overworked and I think it's because the touch of platinum it has made it a little prone to balding and showing brush strokes. It was sort of like working with a metallic polish but not really (I'm terrible at this description).

So I did one extra coat to smooth it over. Not something that wouldn't make me recommend this polish though! Because it's obviously still so fab.

THOSE. FLAMES. THOUGH. I have a swatch video on my Instagram!

It's just as fabulous inside with regular lighting as well! Definitely happy with my purchase.

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday, this post and my rambles. 

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  1. This polish looks gorgeous on you! I wondered if it applied like a metallic. I love the metallics I have but they do require a little more care. But I think they are definitely worth it! And I so agree with you about that name!