Saturday, October 11, 2014

Leopard Swap with The Nail Polish Challenge

Hey guys! Today I have for you a swap I did with one of my dear friends Kelli from The Nail Polish Challenge. When I saw her post with a full leopard print over a silver holo I was like mhmmm need to get on that!

I started with three thin coats of KBShimmer Pt Young Thing. A SUPER crazy holographic silver polish. Once that was dry I went to town with some spots with a toothpick (all my dotting tools broke....) and some black acrylic paint. I finished with two coats of top coat to smooth everything over.

 I'm out of my beloved HK Girl top coat so right now I'm using a cocktail of Glossy Glam, Seche Vite, and Out the Door.

As you can see this mani is insane in the sun! I took advantage of the ridiculous weather we're having for some natural light shots. Someone tell California that it's fall. Not mid August in Dubai. (dramatic much?)

The leopard could have came out a little better but at arms length it looks like a stamp! I got compliments on this and it always puts my inner critic back in check because I realize most non-nail addicts think this kind of simple art is mind blowing. 

If you aren't already following Kelli, please do! I'm honored to call such a talented woman my friend :) check out her blog to see her side of the swap. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed! 

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