Saturday, August 10, 2013

Reptar Indie!

Today's swatch is from an indie brand from Australia! I love Alanna Renee's polishes! It just blows that I have to order from another supplier because Australia has some strict custom laws on polish I believe.

Reptar is an awesome green based polish with lilac and orange hex glitters and black and white small round glitters sprinkled throughout the base.

Swatches below are three thin coats. You could probably get away with two thick coats but I find this polish gets kind of gummy like if you pile it on. So thin coats work the best. For some reason the orange glitters were a little difficult to get out. So store the bottle upside down before applying or shake before applying!

I love this! The colors are soo spot on with Reptar. I also just have a very thin layer of top coat on. I don't know if this polish was made to be texture like, or it's just a top coat eater. Either way I am fine with one coat but if you are one to like a smooth finish, be ready to pile on the top coat!

Doesn't it make you want to go and watch Rugrats? 

I picked up my bottle from Color 4 Nails a while ago. There is the link for their website and here's their Facebook page if the site is down for restock! Thanks for reading!

Really quick. I wore this to the dentist's office for my operation and they told me I might need to take my polish off so they can get my pulse on the litttle finger clip. (Why I didn't think to take this off before the appointment.. who knows!) but man. They could not stop RAVING over this. Seriously. The assistant AND the male surgeon! Haha. They kept saying how much skill I have and how surprised they could get the pulse through it. Wow! If only they saw half the people I follow on Instagram!

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