Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Polished By KPT Thermal!

I am so excited to put these up! It's a thermal polish by the indie brand Polished By KPT and this is called Being In the Pink (holographic version). When warm it's a beautiful lighter shade of magenta, and when cold it turns into a deep grape colored purple.
 I'm so infatuated with this polish and I'm not ashamed! I can't decide if my favorite color is when warm or cold. 
All swatches are three thin coats with Glossy Glam top coat (which I have yet to share my thoughts on even after several manicures!)

Pictures after the jump, because I went a little crazy photographing. It's a thermal. Can ya blame me?!

Warm state 

Cold state
P.s Sorry about my hands being wet! My hands were really warm at the time and would not stay cold. 

Transitioning is the best part! This is the "natural" state for me. I don't know why the free edge/tips of my nails are always colder then my nail bed? Haha.

Ugh. I love thermals. They make it look like a design without doing any work! I can't wait to collect more for a simple and fun look. Fool your friends with these! Check out her shop! Beware! She sells out super fast. shop

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