Monday, August 12, 2013

Polished By KPT Thermal

Today I have another lovely thermal from the indie brand Polished By KPT! One that I have had my eye on for a whileeeee, and one day I was stalking my clock and waiting for her restock. Right when 7PM hit BOOM. That thing was in my cart and coming home to me! Hot Like Wasabi!

What drew me is its interesting name/color. Ever seen wasabi? The thermal in warm state looks pretty much exactly like it. So cool! (Even though I hate wasabi....whatttt?!)
Swatches below are three thin coats with one layer of NYC top coat over it. I supposed the color would be lighter layered over white if you wish to take that direction
Cold state is a lovely medium pea green. I apologize for my super wet hands. My hands are always really warm! 

And here's a photo in the warm state, which is a lighter shade of pea green. 

And transitioning!

Love love love these polishes, and even though it took three coats they dry very quick and don't feel thick on the nail at all. The formula is thin, but a good workable and buildable thin. These Indie makers will be the death of me I swear! Crazy how a majority of the time they are better than corporate brands!

Look at this picture I found on Google images, if you've never seen wasabi! As you can see the polish really does match! I just find that so darn cool.

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