Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Snappy Colorblock

Hello! Today I have a swatch of Snap My Dragon, from the 2013 China Glaze Avant Garden collection! It's a very vibrant red leaning very pink color, but unfortunately my camera just wanted to pick up on all the red. Anyone else's camera hate reds? Haha. 

This really pretty color also has some hidden shimmer in it! I would definitely recommend picking it up if you are a fan of reds and shimmer.

After having this on for a day I was trying to figure out something simple to put over it. So I went with a really fun and easy color block tutorial by Brit Nails! I love this look and it will definitely be a go to mani when I am uninspired and need some pizzazz.

I just used a silver and then a black polish in my collection.

Unfortunately the sun did not come out today.. so my pictures will be a little darker. Lovely summer weather we're having here! Not..

 A rare photo of my right hand. Haha. Anyone ever feel too lazy to do the same thing on the other hand? I didn't feel like fiddling around with placing striping tape with my non-dominant hand, so I opted for something with the same colors and easy. Polka dots! What a cute cop-out right? Ring finger is a little Mickey Mouse. ;)

Thanks for reading!

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