Sunday, June 16, 2013

A-England St. George + Gradient

A swatch of A-England's St. George. A very saturated, gorgeous teal color. How have I been without A-England polishes this long!? Especially this color! Don't even get me started on the scattered holo on this. It makes it that much more unique. It isn't super strong but it's definitely there in direct sunlight.

 Two easy coats and NYC top coat on top!

Ignore my thumb.. I was testing a design! :p

I'm also a sucker for pretty gradient combos, and I was really inspired by Chalkboard Nail's post a few days ago. So I wanted to recreate it! Minus the hex charm. (but I really need to get my hands on some of those) These polishes work great for gradients! Some are definitely on my wishlist for creating more gradients.

Yesterday was pretty foggy but the sun is out and about today! So much the lizards are sunbathing. Happy Sunday everyone!

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