Saturday, June 22, 2013

Del Sol Mini Haul + Review

For a recent birthday gift I received four polishes from Del Sol! The color change store. Every product in there changes colors with sunlight. They have everything from clothes, to hair accessories to NAIL POLISH. Nail polish that changes in the sun? Yeah. I know. I've always been a fan but never had many of them so I was glad to get these!

Below are three coats of each color, and no top coat. More picture heavy than my previous posts so click the jump to see :)

After Party is an amazing light purple/ shade of lilac, fine glitter in the shade

And in the sunlight it turns into a gorgeous deep magenta shade! My absolute favorite out of all of these and one of my favorite glitters of all time now! (Props to my brother for picking this out all by himself haha)

Superhero is a sheer, frosty light blue in the shade. If you were to look harder in person, visible nail line would show even with three coats. A fourth would probably do the trick! 

In the sunlight it turns into a frosty/chrome like light purple!

Day Dreamer is a very sheer light pink with some fushcia shimmer throughtout that my camera failed to capture. The shimmer isn't an "in your face" fuschia though, it is very toned down. Very unique! 

 But ohhh man in the sunlight this turns into something spectacular! I don't even know how to describe this purple. It is definitely a shade of lavender that leans more towards the blue spectrum slightly. The pink shimmer is almost more visible in the sunlight. Probably my second favorite!

Spike was an impossible shade to capture so there's a lack of photos.. lol. It's a light frosty/silvery green color. 

And in the sunlight it turns into a frosty mauve pink/purple shade!

The formula was very sheer on all of them (even the glitter) but they were all buildable and nice at three coats with some visible nail line. I wonder what these polishes look like layered over white and if that would ruin the effect. 

All of these are nothing really special indoors but outside it's AMAZING what colors they turn into! You're inside with a light shade and go outside and it turns into something brilliant! I don't know what their secret is but it's so awesome. And the color changes right before your eyes. Literally. Step outside and you'll see it changing in less than 5 seconds! They are so fun and perfect for the summer. I am definitely going back to buy more of the glitters.

Probably the only downside besides them being sheer is that all of the colors are frosty, and I know that turns a lot of people off. I wonder why they make them like that? Maybe creme doesn't work with their magic sun changing effect.

Super long post I know, but one more thing *top coat does not change the effect.* I did not use top coat in my swatches, but while wearing these I used Out the Door and it still changed in the sun. Although previously I did put on a coat of NYC Grand Central Station and it did not work. So beware of the UV blocking top coats when using these polishes! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed :D


  1. Whoever got you those must be one of those European fashionistas who are keen on what's en vogue with polishes.