Thursday, June 13, 2013

A-England Dragon

Today I have a beautiful swatch of Dragon, from the wonderful brand A-England! It's also one of my first purchases ever from them! How have I been without for so long?

Below are two easy coats of Dragon, with topcoat (doesn't dull holo at all)

 Don't you love when names are spot on? This is a perfect mossy green and looks.. exactly how a dragon's scale-y skin color would look! And the scattered holo just adds to the gorgeous color. It is so unique to my collection and I'm usually not a green fan but I'd wear this all day erryday! 

Below are two photos of it in the shade. Holo is a little less noticeable, but you can appreciate the beautiful green color even more! 

VERY happy with my purchase! The next post will be the other polish I picked up from A-England. I feel this coming up as a favorite brand...

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