Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zoya Sunshine

Hello! I've been so bad at photographing the manicures I have been wearing lately. I'm coming up on my last month of school thank God, but I haven't had much time for blogging! Occasionally I post an iPhone shot on my Instagram so be sure to check me out here if you're wondering where I am!

Anyway, with not much time for nail art I usually slap on a textured polish because I can get a good 3/4 days of wear on it! That is if I'm not scratching like a crack addict to take it off before then.

I have the beautiful Zoya Sunshine gracing my finger nails today. It's a gorgeous denim/navy blue color saturated with silver sparkles! It's almost a one coat nail polish (aka just my type) but I did two out of habit and to ensure longevity.

Now if you're like me and others you're wondering why it's called Sunshine and it's blue. I found this little piece online "Did you think it was odd that the blue was called Sunshine? This is named after Sunshine Outing, the celebrity manicurist who came up with a navy Pixie Dust shade for the Timo Welland Show at NYFW by layering Godiva, Dahlia, and Nyx!"

I can't picture how a nude, black, and silver/gray shade make denim blue but I am loving the result of it! It is 10x more sparkly in person and I highly recommend this shade if you're a fan of texture polishes.

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