Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chocolate Flowers

I soo wanted to title this How Rei Rei Got Her Groove Back lol. I haven't stamped in the longest time and although this isn't even complicated I really missed it! Nothing like a full stamping manicure to lift the spirits.
Details after the jump!

 I started with a base of A-England - Briarwood (the bottle in the picture below), and it's a gorgeous burgundy that leans a little brown on me and it's sprinkled with holo particles throughout.

I then stamped with this full floral image from MoYou Pro Plate 14. I love these type of "cut out" patterns that allow the base to peek through. The color on top is Color Club - Cosmic Fate, a peachy shade and combined with Briarwood made this manicure kinda look like chocolate. Or maybe I was just hungry while doing my nails..

I wish all those crazy good Russian and French bloggers with AMAZING pictures would get together and write a photo tutorial on the line between dainty and akward hand poses. I feel like I walk the line between them constantly. 

It's a recreation of this old manicure of mine. What can I say, I'm a sucker for repeating a look if I really liked it back then. Hope you enjoyed it!

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