Sunday, February 2, 2014

Zoya - Tomoko

Today I have a swatch for you on my sad little nubs! The gorgeous Zoya Tomoko. I swear the textures by Zoya are my top favorite. I prefer them over all other brands because I like my texture a little bit more fine, like these!

This beauty was actually sitting in my untrieds, shamefully. I have decided to storm February with my all my untried polishes with my good friend Ashley at Capital Polish. Our goal is 2-3 new polishes a week! Yeah... I seriously have that many. What problem?

It is seriously a million times more sparkly than this swatch does justice to! I have a sparkle video on my Instagram, here. Whenever my nails are short I always gravitate towards sparkle, what do you do when you are mourning your loss of length? Ha!


  1. Pretty! Haha yes I know you love your Zoya Pixie Dusts like I Love my OPI Liquid Sands. When I mourn my nubs I cry. That's it.

  2. Oh I apply glitter generously for all occasions....happy, sad, nubby, etc. I really want this polish just like every other sparkly nude polish on the planet.

  3. Gah this is gorgeous. I usually go for glitter bombs on shorter nails :D