Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rain Forest Flowers

 Hello all! Ah Wednesday... not Monday and not Friday but almost there. Hope you're all pushing through the week! I have my first pretty successful stamping decal manicure today! I say pretty because there's still a few kinks I need to work out in my technique but I thought it was very much worth sharing with you all.

The colors are Kiss Me I'm Brazilian (gorgeous darker shade of the classic bubblegum pink) and AmazON...AmazOFF (stunning deep jade/teal with hidden shimmer) from the new OPI Brazilian collection. And lemme tell you I am in LOVE. Perfect 2 coat formula on both. It's the first collection I purchased almost every polish from! (except Rio Red, I Sao Paulo Over There, Next Stop... The Bikini Zone.) Instead of individual swatches I want to incorporate them into nail art. It's faster for me and hopefully more fun for you! I still may do a plain swatch here and there because lemme tell you, these colors... whew. Gorgeous. Onward!

The lily/floral design is MoYou Pro Plate 11 and there are reverse stamping/decal methods out there but I used the one where I painted and sealed my design directly on my stamper. Here is a great and clear video by the stamping queen showing you how! For my own decal I used Pretty & Polished Swift Sparkle top coat

I hope you enjoyed this look! It reminds me of being in a lush rain forest surrounding by bright tropical flowers. Or in the words of my uncle, "a floral bouquet of understated elegance!" Great job O.P.I!


  1. This is literally my favorite. I dub thee, the new stamping queen!

  2. These turned out so pretty! Great color combo =]

  3. Amazing, I should try this stamping technique it seems to have such an amazing effect!