Tuesday, February 25, 2014

IG Birthday... Then & Now

  Oh boy has time flown! It has already been a year since I made my nail account. I have always been interested in nails and after a lot of pushing from the people around me, I thought I would make an Instagram account dedicated to nails. And boy did I think I was good....

Ah! I remember the above photo is the actual day I built my first lightbox. I was testing the light and everything. Oh, memories.

 These aren't the worst I have ever done but I had no idea about filing or clean up still. And don't you just love that awkward bottle shot? I like keeping these around to remind myself how far I have come on the days I feel like I have accomplished 0. If you head on over to my Instagram reinovate, you can see some old pictures I will be posting throughout the day. Trust me you won't want to miss it! 

In the spirit of improvement I decided to recreate this manicure again. It was the first photo I posted onto reinovate so I thought what the heck? It's actually The Nailasaurus' design based off of the book The Rainbow Fish!

Still can't quite fill in those diamonds neatly but MUCH better! In the past year I have worked on my lighting, painting skills, clean up skills, shaping/filing and even created my own signature pose. I've come along way and I can't wait to see what else is in store for me. :)

P.s O.P.I Russian Navy was my first O.P.I. So gorgeous! A deep navy blue with red, pink and blue shimmer without.

Hope you all enjoyed the little background story and the comparison, and here's to another good year of nail art and all the people who bother to read my blog and pay attention to my Instagram!


  1. Your first photos were way better than my first photos, haha! In the few shorts months (weeks?) I've been following your blog it has really become one of my favourites, so I'm looking forward to seeing how brilliant you'll be in another year :D

  2. Girl!!! Russian Navy was one of my first OPIs too! Here's to another year of gorgeous polish and bestie twin nails :)

  3. Wow I love this! You've improved so much !! Happy nail birthday!