Saturday, August 29, 2015

Unicorn Nail Charms

 Hello! I'm back with another sporadic post.

Not having a set schedule makes me a lot happier. That on top of not having any time to blog since I'm back in school and juggling tons of work responsibility. So right now I'm just aiming at posting 1-3x a month. I find the longer my hiatus is, the more I enjoy coming back. Hope you stick with me during those times!

 Today I've got a simple post with one of my favorite looks, the double accent.

I'm a huge fan of multiple accent nails and the double is one of my favorites! I had *these charms laying around from the Born Pretty Store until I could think of a decent look with them.

I started with two amazing, dreamy coats of Sarong Place, Sarong Time - KBShimmer on my index and middle nails. It's also the same purple on the rest of my fingers. For a neon this color has an amazing formula. 

The GORGEOUS holographic sparkle is 24 Karat - F.U.N Lacquer. Isn't she a beaut?? Once that was dried I placed some striping tape on and alternated with the KBShimmer purple and In Yacht Water (aqua), also from KBShimmer. 

As for the charms I am very pleased. They are super thin and flexible which is great because I have the slightest curve to my nail. I can bend them so that they lay perfectly flat. Definitely take that extra step to bend them because as you can see below, on my index it's flat and my middle the head and top hoof are sticking up. That will cause it to get caught on things throughout your day.

See? Once you bend them, seal them with topcoat, they don't budge! I'm typing this post at the end of the day having finger combed my hair and gone about my business and it's still strongly in place. I will definitely be ordering more of these in different designs.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to use my code REIQ10 at the Born Pretty Store for 10% off already dirt cheap stuff!

*product in this post provided for my honest review

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