Sunday, March 30, 2014

Soccer Mix n Match

I wore these to a soccer game last night! San Jose Earthquakes vs New England Revolution. Unfortunately SJ lost 2-1. Booooooo! But I still enjoyed the game and was happy the rain let up up so I didn't have to watch the game shivering and wet. Walking away with a Chris Wondolowski autograph wasn't too bad either. Also we didn't pay a cent! Freeee tickets!

Thumb, ring, and pinky are decals with Winstonia plate 103. Base color is Wet n Wild Listening to Blue Reed
Index is the Adidas logo with the same WnW color. I remembered the logo and how to do it with striping tape from this post from the Nailasaurus. Middle finger is China Glaze - Running In Circles. Green for the soccer field!

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  1. Omg you live in the Bay Area? I've been to one Earthquakes game and it was pretty cool :)