Monday, March 17, 2014

Double Shamrock Accent + Rambling

Ah, happy Monday and St. Patrick's day. I of course don't celebrate because I am the farthest thing from Ireland ethnically speaking. And I bet they don't even celebrate anyway. Why are Americans weird that way? (looking at you too, Cinco de Mayo.) Anyhow... part of this nail/nail art addiction is using any holiday as an excuse for a color scheme. So I present to you a green water marble!

It could be better but I am still very pleased with the result. It was definitely better than last year's attempts. I am getting better at marbling! It becomes so much easier when you figure out the right "spreadable" polishes honestly. For this clover design I used Wet 'n Wild - Stand the Test of Lime and Essie - Going Incognito. The Essie has a really runny formula which helped I think.

The glitter accents are China Glaze Running In Circles, a gorgeous grass green shimmery polish. This is one of those greens that's an exception to my usual dislike towards the color. So pretty!

 I loved the way my thumb and forefinger came out the most because it seemed like a teensy stem was coming out. 

Cinderella hand was lookin pretty decent as well! I was too lazy to try to line up a shamrock on this hand so I accidentally did this instead. Happy accident indeed.

I  hope you enjoyed this look, and wear green today to avoid being pinched! I don't really have any green clothes soo this is my compromise. It was odd not doing my usual pose but as you can see in the third photo I have that random blob of polish. It dripped on there by accident right after I perfected that clover. #nailpolishproblems

One more thing. I made my nails a squoval shape! I won't keep it for long because I feel round suits me better but I really am enjoying this look as well.


  1. Teach me how to marble! lol I had a semi-successful attempt earlier in the year but I haven't had the time to try it again. Coincidentally, the polishes I got to work were 3 Essies.

  2. This is amazing! I've never seen anything like your shamrocks - really beautiful effect!

    aka Bailey

  3. girl even your cinderella hand marble is so on point!