Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lightning Bolts

Hello! How are you? Well, I hope. I have a three day weekend and I'm so excited to do nothing. I don't think I've ever been so happy for a random holiday (Columbus Day).

I've got a quick tape manicure to share with you and a review of said tape! Scroll on.

I started with three Different Dimension - Delta Aquarids, a gorgeous violet holographic purple with some flakies in it. I could kick myself for not getting a photo of it alone but 1. It's unavailable so I'm glad to spare some of you guys from sinning with envy. 2. This tape manicure was to get some more wear out of the color since I had some tip wear.

I then applied the lightning tape (#1) down firmly to my nail and painted over it with A-England - Jane Morris. It comes off a little darker over a base so I will definitely have to wear it alone to see it's true beauty.

 Mmmm look at those flames peeking out. 

Overall I'm happy with the look and the quality of the tape! Born Pretty continues to be a reliable nail art supplier. Don't forget to use my code REIQ10 for 10% off! I always fill up my shopping cart because of that.

Hope you enjoyed!

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