Saturday, July 18, 2015

Stamping Saturday: Gold Flakes and Floral

Happy Stamping Saturday! 

Here's another sporadic post from me.

I started with three coats of Essie Lapis of Luxury. Oh man it's been a while since I wore this lovely squishy beauty. Then I topped it with one coat of Glam Polish Swan Lake. A beautiful gold flake topper with blurple iridescent flakes as well.

Atop the flakies is this floral plate from the Born Pretty Store! I loved the top right image from the start I just had to think of the right color to put it over. I used my new Fab Ur Nails stamper which I will definitely have to blog about if I can ever get my spare time in order.

It took me a couple tries to pick up the image (I found my Fab Ur Nails stamper worked the best) but once it did I was very pleased at how clear it came out. I used Sally Hansen White On.

BPS keeps stepping up their plate game for sure! I will definitely be adding more to my collection. Make sure to use my code REIQ10 for 10% off.

Thanks for reading and be on the look out for some more designs from this plate that I'll be posting later on.

*products provided in exchange for honest review


  1. LOL! You are right, great minds! I feel like this happens to us alot. We should just go ahead and do a twinsie post and get it out of the way. ;-)

  2. Wow I love this! The gold flake topcoat looks amazing over the Essie polish!

  3. Ughhh that flake topcoat! Love! This is just too pretty :)