Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Lacquer Ring: Turquoise Shimmer

Hello hello all. It's been 5 weeks since I last blogged. I have definitely been painting my nails in the in between time but a combination of lack of passion and time for blogging left this place and my Instagram a little dusty. It's hard to keep up with stuff you feel like no one is reading. But this is one of my only outlets so I figured I should get back into it. And what better way to come back then join a nail group like The Lacquer Ring!

Read on for more!

I'm super honored to have been asked to join this group. Especially because I messed up the first prompt LOL. I swear I read "turquoise shimmer" a million times but when I sat down to do my nails I picked this teal shimmer/scattered holo. My mind tells me turquoise but my heart teals me no.. see what I did there?

But as it turns out I don't even own any turquoise shimmers in my polish collection???? What even is that. If you have any suggestions please comment them below!

Above photos are two easy coats of piCture pOlish - Escapades. A beautiful darkened teal color with some holo particles that I'll pass for as shimmer too.

Then on top I added some triangle vinyls from Twinkled T nail vinyls. How freakin cool are these? Why didn't I have them before? I was definitely missing these in my life. Okay well as far as my first post in a while I think this is awesome. Here's to some more posting hopefully. Hope you all are having a great weekend. 

Thanks for stopping in my corner of the blog world. Make sure to check out all the other fabulous ladies of The Lacquer Ring!


  1. How about Zoya Zuza for turquoise shimmer? Or OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise? Or Zoya Rayne?
    Regardless of what the prompt was, the polish you used is gorgeous!
    I know real life intervenes and you just need a break from your blog occasionally. It shouldn't seem like just another job to do or make you feel lonely! And sometimes, I'm sure, you just don't feel like it.
    I do appreciate nail bloggers. I follow quite a few and don't have the inspiration to always comment. I hope you continue to do your blog! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your compliments and suggestions! I will definitely pick up some of those. Always nice reading your comments :)