Saturday, June 28, 2014

Save Pacific Blue Collaboration

I first heard word from Gianna at Nouveau Cheap that the beautiful, one coater, dusty cobalt/indigo blue we all know and love as Pacific Blue is going to be changed. This is a little post offering my two cents and a little more. 

I tried to make it short but it is still a little wordy, so click the jump to read this post and see the collage!

"Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you! We wanted to fully investigate your concerns. To answer your questions we did make a change to Pacific Blue to keep it fresh and on trend, with all of you in mind. We made the change by adjusting the pigments and this change may have affected your application experience. Now that this has been brought to our attention we are addressing your concerns by conducting further testing. We are thankful for your passion about our polish! We never want to disappoint you and are sorry that we have."

So that makes no sense. At least to me. Many people are upset because Pacific Blue has already BEEN a cult classic, meaning that it has already been "fresh and on trend." If it ain't broke don't fix it. 

Reaching from Nicole at Young Wild and Polished, Pacific Blue was already one of their top sellers so why change it? And if you're going to reformulate something, first off name it something different. Secondly, don't make it a terrible goopy formula which gives a bad name to jelly polishes. I know for me personally I am tired of things being changed in the beauty world and given the same name when they aren't even remotely the same.

Fast forward to why the heck this post is called Save Pacific Blue. SH is definitely a big company and one may think their opinion doesn't matter, but we have already pressed them hard enough to give the answer above! Whatever you think, a good company no matter how large listens. And hopefully Sally Hansen starts diggin' the corn out of their ears a little faster as the complaints grow.

My good friend Ashley over at Capital Polish decided we would band together for a collab and try to get as many people as we can. The response was overwhelming with almost 200 of you participating! Sending in your manis using the old and amazing formula of Pacific Blue. 

We will be emailing this along with some strong words to Sally Hansen and sharing it on media platforms. I encourage you to do the same (if you wish) by either saving this picture or using the one that will be emailed to you if you participated! Thanks for spreading!

Click to enlarge. Can you find yourself? :)

Some handy info..
New Pacific Blue swatches:
Nicole @ Young Wild and Polished, she also has a video about the change and the new formula here
and many many more under #pacificblue tags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr

Sally Hansen 

It cracks me up a lot of recent SH IG pics are all #savepacificblue. To everyone who says this is dumb, never underestimate the power of the consumer!

THANK you again to everyone who participated! Please if you have not already posted your single shot to Instagram go ahead and do so with the #savepacificbluecollab tag! Feel free to repost the image that will be on my Instagram Reinovate as well, as it will be the right cropped size.

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