Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thermal Flowers

 First post of the New Year! Woo!

I love thermals. They give such an effortless umph to your manicure. It's like a free gradient/french tip in a bottle for you!

I managed to snag a few polishes from Polished by KPT in her end of the year sale. This beauty was one I had my eyes on for a while, Kelvin Bleu. It's a gorgeous polish that is a translucent light grey/blue color when warm and a deep blue almost blurple color when cold. It's also got a scattered holo finish which my lightbox wasn't bright enough to capture. Trust me it's gorgeous though!

Tips are cold, nails are warm. Props to those who capture thermals so well!



I was really aiming to stamp white over a thermal after seeing Natalie's gorgeous post here, but sadly I don't have an opaque white to stamp with! So I settled for some water decals from the Born Pretty Store. I think they sufficed well enough.

I also love water decals because they can give a complicated look in less than a minute. That's my type of nail art. What do you think?

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  1. Aww you tagged me in your post! <3 I love how the white contrasts over the thermal.