Friday, November 8, 2013

A-England Fated Prince

I was tempted to just name this post "perfection," because that's seriously what this shade is. I don't know how Adina does it but her polishes are absolutely gorgeous AND they apply like a dream. Sorcery I tell you!

Fated Prince (Burne Jones Dream Collection) is the most stunning light charcoal grey color with a surprising holographic addition that flashes olive green. I swear I was staring at my hands all day when I was wearing this. How can a polish have so many different color elements in it yet still blend together so flawlessly!?

 *trumpets and fanfare* DAT HOLO. If I haven't convinced you to buy this... you should after seeing this photo. This is definitely one of my top favorites now. Oh A-England, I love you!

Also. My topcoat. TOO. SHINY. Thanks Glossy Glam!

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